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Dying to be Thin

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[01 Dec 2012|02:32pm]


I haven't been on here for like 2 years or so but I had to come back. 
Last december I got down to one of my gw but then I found out I was pregnant so I had to gain it all back. 
It was so hard but I had a therapist help me with the gaining, but now that my baby girl is born I want to loose the weight fast. 
I can't be as extreme as I would have liked because my family and my boyfriend keep close tabs on me and my weight. 
My plan for now is restricting allot, try to exersize when I can and get to my gw. 
I've already lost 30 lbs in 2 months, but I gained around 61 during the pregnancy. 
My goal is to get down to 132-121 lbs to begin with, and If family is not suspicious 110 is my ultimate. 

Height: 168 cm / 5'6
cw: 75kg/165 lbs
gw1: 70kg / 154 lbs
gw2: 65kg/ 143 lbs
gw3: 60kg/132 lbs 
gw: 55kg / 121 lbs
ultimate: 50kg / 110 lbs. 

Highest weight: 94kg / 207 lbs
Lowest weight: 40kg/ 88 lbs
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ABC [20 Mar 2012|07:12pm]

Hi there!! I'm new to this. I just had a baby who I love but I feel awfully fat now. I would like to go back to my weight from highscool which was 118 lbs. I weigh 190 lbs right now!! Today is my first day on the ABC Diet!! So far, so good. Hoping for some love and support!!!! <3
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'Ello :] [07 Nov 2011|05:49pm]

[ mood | crappy ]

My name is Ellie. I'm new to this community, and I've been trying to get skinny... :[

My stats:

CW: 112 lbs
GW: 100 lbs
UGW: 95 lbs

A few days ago I started taking resveratrol diet pills...does anyone know if they work??

I live in the Buffalo area :]]

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Are these good food scales for $22.99? [05 Mar 2011|12:25am]

I am in the market for a food scale and i noticed that today's gold box deal (one day sale) on Amazon a Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale (Black) and a Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale (Silver). They list for $49.99, but are on sale today only for $22.99. I'm just looking for a basic food scale and these look good. Does anyone have any experience with Kitrics scales? I just want to make sure i'm not wasting my money. Thanks!
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aww im feeling like a balloon =/ [28 Feb 2011|09:58pm]

[ mood | determined ]

 Hey all 

I am new to this community. My name is Ariel and i have been on and off ana for quite sometimes.
I hope to lose 20 more pounds by 26 march. (Really crazy heh) Anyway i hope to have a buddy to help me go through this period.. just an e-mail everyday...and i will do the same to cheer u on as well...

Well i hope to hear from you all soon...


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[14 Feb 2011|11:27pm]

hi all,
I used to really struggle with my eating disorder, but then I traded it for another eating too much. Now my friend is on leave in May and I can not let him see me like this!
I'm really hoping I can turn to you guys for help and support.
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Bonjour! [16 Nov 2010|03:27am]

 Hello all, 

I'm new to Livejournal but unfortunately not new to disordered eating.
I was diagnosed with anorexia 3 years ago, and have been in recovery for just under two years.
For me recovery has wreaked more havoc, more unhappiness, and brought more insecurities into my life than being anorexic ever did. 
I gained 62 pounds in recovery, and everyday I feel as if I am wearing a fat suit that I simply cannot take off.
Today I begin a green tea, crystal light, and water fast.
If there is anyone on here that would like to join me feel free! It's always easier doing these things with friendly support!

xoxo stay strong lovelies

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san francisco (x-posted) [24 Feb 2010|08:57pm]

Does ANYONE live in san francisco? bay area? i really want a work out buddy/real life ana friend. Please contact me if you do, i promise i'm not a freak lol just really want my goals, especially for working out i'm never motivated enough if i worked out everyday i'd get to my goals twice as fast.
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[15 Feb 2010|11:32am]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Heyy. I'm new to this community to nice to meet you everybody ^^
Here's a bit about me :

Height: 5"3
CW: 111 lbs
GW1 : 105 lbs
GW2: 100 lbs
GW3: 95 lbs
GW4: 90 lbs
GW5: 85 lbs
UGW: 80 lbs

I've got a really long way to go, but im dying to get there. I know itll take pretty long but im starting the ABC diet tomorrow and i wanna go through the whole thing. So its 50 days... so im expecting to loose at least 20 lbs with it if not more.

I'm also looking for a diet/ana/lifestyle buddy. Im really loyal so im looking for someone whod answer my emails just about every day, and help with constructive criticism. Id do the same :)

Wish me luck !!


remember... " nothing tastes as good as thin feels"

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I Want To Die Thin.. [14 Feb 2010|04:56am]

[ mood | depressed ]

Hey! I'm Pretty New Here, Well, I Had Another Account Ages Ago, But, I Wantd To Make A New One :)
So, My Goal Is To Lose 5 Pounds. I Know It Doesn't Seem Much, But I'm Starting Out Small.
I Feel Like A Whale. I'm Even Eating Now! WTF Is Wrong With Me?!
I'm Eating Crisps. All I've Eaten Today Though, Is Now, 2 Packets Of Crips And A Sandwich :)
I'm Doing Okay, But I'm Starving, Even Energy Drinks And Dr. Pepper Is Making Me Feel Sick!
I Wanna Post A Pic Of Myself. But, I Don't Want Anyone To See My Fat :/
Whenever Myself And Someone Argue, They Always Call Me Fat. I Deffo Believe Them.
Add Me; :)
Stay Thin And Beautiful;
Good Luck!
I Love You All!
<3 <3

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text buddies [05 Feb 2010|12:07pm]

 does anyone that lives in canada want to become text buddies so we can have someone to talk to for support?
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[03 Feb 2010|06:48pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Ok new goal 125 by May i'm goin to the prom and i want to look good. Wearing a really hot red dress cut away back wanna look gorgiuse so 15 lbs to lose.... I CAN SOOOO DO THIS 


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off topic [19 Jan 2010|07:51pm]

I just opened an Etsy store. trying to feel like a productive member of society. Have a look if you like
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Youth detention centers [08 Jan 2010|10:02pm]


Today, I was watching the Fifth Estate on CBC television, and they were talking about the life of a girl in a youth detention center. She had mental health problems. On her first day there, she was strip-searched, then later was pepper sprayed on multiple occaisions. She was also cuffed and placed in a straight jacket multiple times, for "refusing to obey orders" and threatening to commit suicide. The only type of therapy available at the centre was anger management therapy and drug rehabilitation.

Was that just an exception, or are most youth detention centers like that?

you can see the documentary here (warning: it is truly disturbing & contains some violence)

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[07 Jan 2010|08:13pm]


im new to this community but have bee on/off friends with ana for 3 yrs.  My name is Maya and I weigh 110(so fat......) my ed all started in middle school and now im 16 it just sucks and i haven't been losing any weight.

LW:88(those good old days)
UGW:90(never gonna happen)

RIte now all i have been ate is rice cracker and diet coke.  feel free to join me and remember nothing tastes better than thin :)

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Self-tanner [29 Dec 2009|10:19pm]


Does anyone know of a good self-tanner that isn't too orange? I'm super pale naturally and I'd like to give myself a little more color. My skin gets all blotchy and i look like death.

I'm getting it as a treat for myself because I've worked out for 4 hours (intense cardio) in the last 2 days. So happy about that :D

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Depression [16 Dec 2009|05:17pm]


According to Dr. Oz, these are the symptoms of depression:

•Loss of interest in things you enjoy
•Changes in weight or appetite
•Change in sleeping patterns
•Feeling of sadness, guilt and hopelessness
•Making other people feel depressed and pointless (bringing other people down)

Many people in this community have probably experienced depression. Do you agree with this list of symptoms? Would you add or remove any? Have you ever experienced any of these (presumably yes, since this is an ED community)? What did you do to recover?

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[15 Dec 2009|10:36pm]

I am new to this community my name is Nana and I weight about 75kg( around 165pounds) not sure about that though. So I have been an on and off friend of ana for about 3years or so now :/. Clinically diagnosed in the beginning of last summer.

Highest weight: that, that I am now
lowest weight: 43kg (94lbs)
goal weight 1: 72kg (158lbs)
goal weight 2 : 68kg (149lbs)
goal weight 3: 64kg (141lbs)
goal weight 4: 60kg (132lbs)
goal weight 5: 55kg (125lbs)

right now I'm fasting(already over my first day) anybody who would like to join me may message me for my msn :D oh, i forgot, i live in finland but come from ghana.
good luck to all of us
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[14 Dec 2009|01:21pm]

Hey guys, I'm new to this community, although I´ve been on LJ on PA sites for almost 3 years now. So yeah.

I'm battling with the pounds gained in and after therapy and by taking prescribed drugs, so...
I am diagnosed with anorexia some 5 years ago, since then I´ve adapted some binge-disorder/bulimia tendancies.

Age: 18
Height: 168 cm / 5'6 feet (i think)
HW: 94 kg/ 207 pounds
CW: 81 kg/ 178.2 pounds
LW: 38 kg/ 83.6 pounds
GW: 55-50 kg/ 121 - 110 pounds (for starters)

Feel free to add mme on msn: teresa_njardvik9@hotmail.com
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[10 Dec 2009|10:03pm]

Hello everyone. I've been looking for a new ED community and I think I found it. :)

CW: 175 lbs.
HW: 190 lbs.
LW: 155 lbs.
GW1: 170 lbs.
GW2: 150 lbs.
LTGW: 110 lbs.
Height: 5'4"

I've never been diagnosed with ED, I am very good at hiding it, and I've never been able to lose weight dramatically, even when I was eating next to nothing.

I live in England but I'm originally from New York.

Feel free to add me, and if anyone wants to chat on MSN, message me and I'll give you my email.

Stay lovely <3
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